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Welcome to ChosenButterfly Publishing’s Bookstore. Here you will find books written by people who have overcome great odds and we believe will inspire you to overcome whatever situation you may find yourself going through. Enjoy!

Armed and Dangerous by Tracey Tucker

We are in a battle. A spiritual warfare. God has equipped us with the necessary tools to defeat the enemy. The angels are on our side. God is on our side. Looking around in the natural it may look like we are already defeated. The trouble looks too much for us to bear at times. God is saying look again. This time with spiritual eyes; look again. What do we see? We begin to realize that there are more for us than against us.This book takes the reader on a journey of unlocking piece by piece what God has placed in our arsenal to stand against the enemy. We are called. We are chosen. We are an army and a force to be reckoned with. Before we take our stance and put on the armor of God, we must have knowledge on how to operate in it. Now is the time for God to give us the instruction on how to operate in what is divinely gifted to us. By the end of this revelatory book into the armor of God, we will be moved from a place of being unarmed and fearful into our birthright of being armed & dangerous. Come and journey with author Tracey Tucker as she guides us into the revelation of the armor of God. Let us sharpen iron together!


Prophetic Letters Compiled by Latrice Leake

The Father’s love is and unsearchable and profoundly unfathomable. In this collection of letters between the Father’s heart and humanity you will experience a journey that speaks to the depth of Father’s love toward His creation. This generation has been given many options as it relates to belonging. Many have become orphaned by a self-willed choice that has in many cases denied the Father access to the hearts of man. Those who were created to operate as sons and daughters in the Earth have embraced every option outside of Abba seeking fulfillment, yet nothing outside His love will ever satisfied that which was created to be satisfied only by Him.

May you feel the embrace of the Lord as you journey through this book with us. Father wants your heart and He will stop at nothing to capture it forever. He is a good father and His love is better than life itself!



Dreamer on the Rise stories compiled by Kishma A. George

DREAMER ON THE RISE is a powerful inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to stir up the dreamer within you. Fifteen accomplished authors share their wisdom, experiences and testimonies of pursuing their dreams, inspiration of FAITH and Creating Wealth. This book supplies strategies to help
you maximize your full potential and pursue your DREAMS no matter what your life circumstances currently are. This book will activate your hidden treasures and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, destiny and manifestation of your DREAMS! DREAMER ON THE RISE is the book for every dreamer on the rise. It will teach how to tap into unlimited possibilities and get back to a place of functioning at the highest domain on Earth, to live out ALL of your God-inspired dreams, even of becoming a millionaire!



Erase the Scars of Abuse; Forgive and Live! by Sheila M. Miller

Are you a victim of abuse? Are you an abuser? Do you even know? Many people often overlook the signs and symptoms of abuse thus accepting it as normal and may unknowing become abusive as a result. This revealing book will open your eyes to what abuse is, what it does to your heart and life, and shows you how to be free from the ugly scars that it can leave. In Erase the Scars of Abuse author Sheila Miller candidly reveals how her heart became scarred, damaged, and void of the presence of God, without her knowing the condition she was in…until God exposed what she successfully hid away, and denied for many, many years. “This is my journey of being healed, made whole, and what it takes to maintain my ‘Healed Heart’ status”. The purpose of this book is to take all of God’s children on a journey, too. A journey of revealing and healing your scars of abuse…if you dare to come. Be advised, it will change your life, forever!



Standing at the Threshold of Destiny by Helen Hopkins

This book was inspired by the story of an Old Testament father named Zelophehad and his five daughters. Each character’s name corresponds to tell a captivating story of overcoming obstacles and defeating overwhelming odds. As you discover the meaning of each name of these incredible characters and their compelling story, you will be stimulated and empowered to overcome your own fears associated with a lingering past or dismal future. You will be encouraged to put the past behind you, break free from your present limitations, redefine who you are in Christ and pursue the amazing destiny that God has in store for you. You will learn that your identity is connected to your destiny. What you believe about yourself will either help or hinder your success in life. You will discover your identity in Christ and be motivated to step over the threshold before you and reclaim your destiny. This book consists of twelve chapters which are perfect for small group Bible Study, Book Club or personal enrichment. Each chapter is followed by a Reflections Page for points of discussion – as well as a ‘Scriptural Inheritance’ affirmation for you to claim.



Come Out of the Cocoon by Tracey Tucker

Come out of the Cocoon was birthed out of personal experience, triumph and most importantly prayer. Each chapter is filled with the heart of God along with the principles and pitfalls many go through during their “process of birthing” as they evolve into becoming all that God has divinely designed them to be. Prophetess Tucker carefully, transparently and honestly examines the transformation from obscurity (cocoon) and personal struggle to fruitfulness and freedom in the spirit (butterfly)!

As you peek into the journey of the life cycle of the butterfly, parallels are masterfully drawn between our spiritual transformation and the metamorphous of a caterpillar to a butterfly, one of nature’s most unexplainable miracles. Guaranteed to forever alter the way you view trials, growing pains, and even those around you. Come Out of the Cocoon is a literary treasure that will enlighten, empower, and cause you to embrace the True YOU! It time to Come Out of the Cocoon!!!


Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick by Yvonne White-Mitche

Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick is a personal testament of overcoming obstacles through perseverance and faith. Author/breast cancer survivor Yvonne White- Mitchell serves as living proof that by standing on the promises of God, all things are possible. The motto & title of this book , “Breast cancer picked the wrong chick!”, was given to Yvonne by God when she was first diagnosed with this horrible disease. Yvonne bravely spoke these words to the enemy as if he was standing in her face, “You have picked the wrong one now devil!! You are in for a fight! I refuse to allow cancer to steal my joy!” Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick was written not only for those of who have battled or are battling cancer, but this powerful book encourages all who are going through challenging times to trust God. Whatever it is that you are facing trust God’s process! He will see you through. God is bigger than cancer or any other issue. Give it to Him!!!


Transformed by His Love: 21 Messages of Hope, Inspiration and Encouragement by Terri Underwood

Many times in our life we experience trials, tribulations, pain and joy not just for ourselves but to help encourage someone else. The Bible tells us that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and the word of our testimony. Often times it is someone else’s testimony that gives us the strength to hold on and endure when we find ourselves going through tough times.

In Transformed by His Love, Author Terri Underwood uses the Word of God to share her personal experiences and testimony dealing with divorce, loss of parents, illness, church grow, and so much more! Terry’s 21 messages of hope, inspiration, and encouragement are sure to help take your faith to another level. This book serves as a reminder that once you have been transformed by the love of Christ you can go through anything life throws your way and come out with a victory that will bless others.


The Weight of the Wait; A 30 Day Devotional for Single Women by Tavara Johnson

This book is designed for singles ladies who are struggling as they endure the weight of singleness. Women will learn how to purposely wait in their single season while finding fulfillment in God.

Strategies on how to navigate each day as you ponder on thought-provoking questions can be found in this devotional.
This book will take you on a journey that I too once experienced and saw it as painful, but now enjoy. It is my desire that single women all over the world will regain their lives and begin to experience a single and satisfied life in their current state. I hope that the women will see their life through the eyes of their Heavenly Father and know that they are not being punished as He desires the abundant life for them.

Ladies, ask yourself this question. Do I want to meet my purpose partner at the wrong time and the relationship not come to fruition or do I want to meet him at the predestined time and everything flows with ease?

Be encouraged, know that Boaz is not coming because Ruth already has him, but instead wait on the man that God has designed just for you.



From a Doubter to a Dreamer by Kishma A. George foreword by Les Brown

From a Doubter to a Dreamer exalts and edifies you to conquer your fear, paralyze your doubt, and reject your disbelief. God gives many people dreams but sadly before those dreams can manifest doubt has a way of sneaking in. Anyone who has ever been successful in life must overcome many obstacles and doubt is usually the first one. This book will exemplify how to tap into your true God hidden treasures and shift you to the DREAMER you are DESTINED to be. Author Kishma A. George shares her testimony of how God’s grace enabled her to go from a doubter to a dreamer and see her dreams come alive! This powerful testimony will extinguish the dream consuming fire of doubt and breathe new life to your dreams! God is speaking, NOW, is the time for YOU to go forth, pursue, and live your dreams!



Devil, Please I am NOT Offended by Ayanna Lynnay

The enemy is after all of your relationships and he is using the spirit of offense to destroy them. Make up your mind not to let him! Don’t get offended get offensive and take a stand against the enemy’s tactics! This book is a MUST read for those who have been hurt, used, rejected and/or betrayed by Spiritual leaders, Friends, Family members, Confidants, Mentors, or anyone close to them.



Dreaming the Dream

DREAMING the DREAM is a high-powered inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to crystallize the very best of the thoughts of eight premium authors. They employ the poignant, soul-stirring, and insightful testimonies of their personal trials and victories in a heroic attempt to activate the God-endowed potential lodged within you. Thereby, they set you gently and firmly on the path to actualize your call, vision, and dreams. DREAMING the DREAM: ** Will enable you to recognize and conquer the limitations that are keeping you from the purpose, you were created for ** Will give you the revelation keys to realizing your own dreams ** Will teach you how to wait for Divine instruction ** Will spark the feeling of destiny and the passion to fuel, propel, and empower the dreamer within you. ** Will teach you how to dare to dream big dreams ** Will give you declarations and principles for activating your vision ** Will teach you about the purpose for your seemingly long wait on Divine promise ** Will teach you how to use the power of unconditional love in order to renew yourself This sublime inspirational excursion will allow you to take immediate control of your destiny, in all areas of life, by helping you to restore your ability to dream big dreams, and prompting you to conduct your life at the highest and most integrated level.



The Best Gift Ever: A Guide to loving YOU: Learning How To Live Your Best Life

by Kendell Lenice

The Best Gift Ever is a self-empowerment book that is designed to challenge and motivate you to live your best life. If you want to remix your life, then you will love this book! It will inspire you as well as challenge you to live up to your full potential. If you want different results, then you have to make changes. If you don’t think you’re worth it, then who will? Life is a precious gift! If you aren’t living your best life, then you have to ask yourself… why? This book will take you on a journey through the different, phases and stages of your life. It will encourage you to want the best for yourself. The Best Gift Ever is filled with honest advice and heartfelt words, just for you. If you are ready to grow, then let’s go! Take a leap of faith and create the life you want.


When He Leads I Will Follow

by Owen E. Ford & Julia

God desires for our marriage to be successful. It brings Him great joy to see that what He has joined together nothing is able to tear them apart. However, please understand it is the enemy’s job to set up marital obstacles and challenges in hopes that our marriage will fail. This book will help the husband to discover the king inside of him. The king who is designed to lead his wife and children from the front and not the rear. This book will also encourage the wife to gladly follow the leading of her husband without losing her identity. Together the couple will find the worth in striving towards a successful marriage that will not only bring them happiness but will honor God as well.


PhaithBook – A Girlfriend Devotional

by Phaedra T. Anderson

• Are you a woman who at times finds yourself confused about life in general? • Have you ever found yourself uncertain about your purpose? • Unsure of your identity? • Doubtful about your abilities? • Have no one to ask the hard questions to? Let’s be honest… “Are you more fragile than you appear to be and so often find yourself wanting to take off your public masks and say “I’m scared…I’m broken and I don’t know what to do?” If so, Sis this book was written just for you! Over the years I have poured my heart out on Facebook with you in mind. Each of my statuses have been posted to give you the head-start that perhaps you may not have had.” Thinking just of you, Phaedra PhaithBook provides women with the tools she needs to build or repair her self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence while helping to build her faith in God. This girlfriend devotional compiled of Phaedra’s social media statuses and her personal stories, functions as a beacon of light filled with wisdom, knowledge and experiences that will assist women of all ages and all walks of life figure out – Who they are…Why they are…and Where they are in life… Phaedra leaves no stone unturned as she tackles subjects like sex, loneliness, defeat, self-worth, values, morals, conflict, fear, faith and purpose all while tying in the old with the new, teaching women that old principles, old values and even biblical scriptures still have significance and still does work when applied to one’s life.


Dear Lord I Think I Married The Wrong Person – Her Story complied by Ayanna Lynnay

Most people who get married believe they will be married forever but what happens when you believe you married the wrong person? What do you do as a Christian who loves Lord but has found yourself in a bad situation? Fifteen brave and candid Women of God get transparent and share their testimonies.



Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You

by 9 Inspirational Authors

Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You is a compelling, inspiring, and captivating approach to releasing the God-given dream and potential lodged within you. With penetrating insights, heartfelt moving stories and testimonies, this book reveals real life testaments of personal victories of pursuing the call, vision and dream on one’s life. This book provides a clear pathway to releasing and maximizing your full potential. If you have been frustrated by your dreams, ideas, and visions, this book will activate your hidden treasure and ignite the spirit of creativity to produce. It will defeat the spirit of stagnation and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, and destiny. Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You, will enable you to: • Prosper and have total victory in every area of your life. • Activate, stimulate, and release the wealth of your potential. • Break personal limitations, barriers of past failures, oppositions and disappointments. • Inspire and awaken the “dreamer” in you to fulfill your goals, ideas and vision. • Dream bigger and live better. Whether you are a business owner, visionary leader, single parent, young or old – you can still unlock the seed of greatness within you to bring forth your dream. Foreword by Les Brown, Nationally Recognized Motivational Speaker


When New Life Begins Pushing Past the Old to Embrace the New

Life can be full of pain, heartache, bad choices and tragedies. When New Life Begins is a combination of survival stories told by seven individuals who have persevered in the midst of marital, relational, and personal challenges , difficulties and for one the murder of a child. Their stories testify that it is possible to push pass our old lives of pain and embrace new lives of purpose no matter what we go through. Ayanna Lynnay (Ayanna Moore), Rodney Davis, Kishma A. George, April Holmes, Letisha Galloway, Iyana Davis & Natasha Simms have shared their heartfelt stories with the purpose of inspiring and assuring you that YOU can and will live a fulfilled life of purpose. Foreword by nationally recognized motivational speaker Les Brown & Joyce Dungee Proctor founder & president Seminars by Joyce



From Seed to Harvest; Keys that Unlock Dynamic Growth by Rebecca Cooper

Have you ever felt like there was more to life than where you are currently? Do you have a desire to passionately purpose your greatest potential? In this book Rebecca takes you from Seed to Harvest. She will teach and encourage you in the areas of mind renewal and overcoming obstacles in your growth. You will learn what it takes to from that place of desiring more to actively achieving more. If you desire to see God’s promises manifest in your life, His word must be planted on good soil. It all starts with a seed and what you do with that seed will determine the type of harvest you see. It is time to give God the opportunity to take a seed and produce a harvest in your life!

Coming soon! Visit the author’s website.

Defeat is Not An Option by Joanna Birchett

In a world where we go through trials and struggles, tribulations and storms, this book reminds you that, God is still in control regardless of what the situation might be. In this book you will receive insight on how to survive the valley experiences while being in continual pursuit of your purpose. Remember You are destined for greatness! Joanna Birchett shares her powerful life testimony that will encourage, inspire and motivate you to declare Defeat is Not An Option!

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Yours Truly

by I am Jnicole

Yours Truly, @ I_am_Jnicole is an intimate look into the heart and thoughts of prolific spoken word artist J.Nicole. Inspired by the death of a close friend J.Nicole decided to refocus from her pain and instead MOtivate and inspire others who find themselves going through difficult times. Wisdom, Realness, Depth and Thought provoking are just some of the words to describe this artist. Taken largely from her collection of social media posts. We invite you to come a little closer into the life of Yours Truly @I_am_J.Nicole


Perfectly Imperfect by Kimberly Fairley

Have you ever wanted to find out where you came from and to find that missing parent in your life? Have you ever come to hate that parent for leaving? Have you ever wanted a relationship or to be married so bad that you were willing to give up any and everything to achieve this desire. Have you ever been hurt in the church? Have you ever endured a hurt so deep and unexpected that you thought you would never recover?

Truth is we all have been hurt in some way. You are invited to take a journey with Kimberly Fairley as she shares her deepest hurts, heartaches, and breaks. She will show how she overcame bitterness and unforgiveness and how she was able to move forward through the love and grace of God, amazing friends and leaders.

There IS Beauty in Brokenness! Order new release: Perfectly Imperfect by Kimberly Fairley


Can’t You See Me Scream? Discovering the Silence of Child Sexual Abuse by G.C. Peyton

This gripping true story of an idyllic family’s discovery of child sexual abuse takes you through the discovery and unraveling of the nightmare. It explores the back-story, navigates through the painful decisions made to uncover the secrets and travels down the difficult road to finding the strength it took to put the pieces together. Read how they moved from discovery to releasing their hurts to be free to heal and grow beyond their pain.



Victim to Victor; A Story of Love, Failure and Faith By Letisha Galloway

Born to a drug addicted mother, legs amputated as a child, and being the victim of an abusive relationship are a few of the things that Satan tried to use to block the blessings from Letisha’s life. Trapped in an abusive relationship, she didn’t see a way out. She accepted what she believed was true love, and missed many warning signs. After a series of tragic events, it was doubtful that she would ever find peace. It wasn’t until she learned to see herself as a child of God that she was able to accept her past, forgive herself and others. She finally found her freedom in Christ. Letisha’s powerful testimony will encourage, inspire, and give you hope for a brighter tomorrow. Her story of survival is simply amazing. No matter where you are in your life, you can relate to something in this book. This story shows that even in your darkest hour, all things are possible with God.

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A 40 Day Devotion of True Love

by Apostle Owen E. Ford

Are you ready to take your relationship with the Lord to another level? Do you desire to live a life fully devoted to the Lord? If so you NEED this 40 day devotional. Packed with wisdom, inspiration and space for personal reflection this devotional is more than a book. It is a journal which will put you on the right road of your journey. Place your order today and see how your life will be radically changed in 40 days!


The Fight of my Life; My Journey to Freedom by Apostle Julia D. Ford

This book will motivate you to be better rather than bitter.The fight of my life is just that, of my life. If you stop for a moment, I’m sure you too will find the need to “FIGHT” off that which has held you down for far too long. I promise that if you choose to get in the ring with the enemy, the Lord will help you to regain what once was lost and/or stolen from you.

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R.E.D Resist Every Demon by Apostle Julia D. Ford

Resisting every demon can be a challenge but it is needful in order to live a healthy spiritual life. This book will encourage you to serve divorce papers to the demonic spirits that have caused you to live a life of stagnancy, frustration and doubt. I promise you will become empowered on how to R.esist E.very D.emon and to live Victoriously – Apostle J

A Spiritual Warfare guide and Prayer book.

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When Sisters Speak; Life Lessons for Women in Ministry by Joyce Gilmer

(hardcover book)

Being a woman in ministry can be an isolated uncomfortable place; at times you may wonder if you are the only one going through what you are going through. Pastor Ayanna, along with 15 other dynamic Women of God wrote this powerful anthology When Sisters Speak; Life Lessons for Women in Ministry. Each Co-Author openly shares a life lesson they have learned in ministry. Topics include Depression, Isolation, Rejection, Prejudice in the Pulpit, Offense, Pride, Supporting Your Husband Without Losing Yourself, and more!

If you are a Woman in Ministry or believe God is calling you to ministry, this is one book you NEED in your library! Encouraging, Empowering, and Educational.

Let your sisters speak to you and your situation.

***Not Published by CBP but Ayanna is one of the Co-Authors***