Our Team

Ayanna Lynnay Moore, CEO


Ayanna Lynnay – An avid reader since youth has always enjoyed a good story. Early in her Christian walk, story ideas all with the central theme of transformation began to be birthed in her heart. It wasn’t long before the Lord began to plant seeds of not only writing and publishing her books but helping to publish others’ as well. “There are so many authors out there who have amazing stories which would help others just by simply reading them; I want to help those authors tell their story and get those stories in the hands of them who need to read them.”. The books I see being published tell of how a person can start off one way, but eventually their life becomes transformed,” said Ayanna.

Those seeds landed on good soil and in the middle of 2010 the Lord began to birth the name & vision for ChosenButterfly Publishing and CB-Publishing, an imprint of ChosenButterfly Publishing in Ayanna’s spirit.

Ayanna began to share her vision with those closest to her, before long the Lord began to assemble the team. Angel Holcomb of Legna Agency, was used as the final catalysis, and the butterfly which is ChosenButterfly Publishing fully emerged from the cocoon November 2010.

“When the Lord calls you to do something, He equips you and sends you everyone and everything that you need to get it done. I know the Lord has called ChosenButterfly Publishing to publish the message of Transformation.”

In the midst of running ChosenButterfly Publishing, Ayanna is a Wife, Mother, Pastor, Transformation Coach & Speaker, Author, and Mentoring Sidekick to her husband Pastor Lawrence J Moore, Jr. She has come a long way from her past of being a troubled teen ( who just so happened to love to read) Ayanna knows first-hand how the Lord transforms lives and she is on a mission to let others know as well.

ChosenButterfly Publishing is one of those vehicles driving the message of transformation to the world.

Krystal Tomasso
CBP Editor / Writing Coach


The Lord told Ayanna that He would send the editor and years later He sent Krystal … Krystal met Ayanna through a mutual acquaintance in 2009, and from the first introduction email, knew God called her to work with her.

Krystal was a book worm from the moment she learned to read. She was obsessed with facts, and despite the fact of already having her own, often bickered with librarians as to why she could not sign out the encyclopedias.

“I knew early on God wanted me to deliver His message, and that my life would only be about spreading His truth. My obsessions with seeking truth and facts should have tipped me off early that my first step on that path would be me becoming a journalist.”Krystal is an editor and Writing Coach, who loves to cultivate writers with the potential to write into writers who have acquired the Art of Writing. Krystal’s professional background experiences are literally on opposite sides of the spectrum.

“I believe God placed me in two extreme places to balance me. In journalism, I was taught to interview so thoroughly that I could extract every drop of information and multiple angles from my sources in 15 minute interviews. Then, at ORU I was placed in an environment with artists of all forms, and was taught how to be sensitive to their vision. I worked for them, to recognize and assist in the physical interpretation of their vision. It was there I learned to Serve and Save: Serve by helping the artist articulate and develop their art into a form the audience could easily comprehend and Save by preserving the artist’s voice and vision.”

She believes her path came together for this purpose- ChosenButterfly Publishing. Krystal believes strongly, as an editor, that her job is to prayerfully extract the vision from authors. She also knows the value of integrity, fact checking, and the art of constructive criticism which is more constructive than criticizing.

During her time at Oral Roberts University, she was required to take a course in theatre. It was through that course that God gave her the most important revelation about art as a whole. “He showed me that when He gives a vision in the form of art it must be extracted. I discovered that God places it in us all, and we must be clean vessels to pour that out. That principle changed my life, writing, editing, and my relationship with Him as a whole. I knew at that point more than ever my gift could only be used to glorify Him through my writing and those authors that I am called to assist.” ChosenButterfly Publishing is grateful to have Krystal as a part of our team.

Stephanie Montgomery
Creative Editor / Writing Coach


Stephanie is a diversely-creative writer and profound communicator with exemplary editing skills. Both of her parents were educators and it is through her Mother’s teachings, she adopted a love of writing through poetry. She believes she is following the plan God has for her life by utilizing the gifts and talents He has blessed her with.

With over 16 years of leadership and managerial experience, Stephanie has an established and proven track record in administrative oversight, performance management, staff development and utilization of effective communicatory mediums for diverse audiences. She is grateful for the experiences and lessons learned throughout her professional career and development; however her true passion for writing never ceased.

As a well-regarded personality within the local writing industry, Stephanie possesses outstanding and endearing interpersonal skills and fully believes anything in this life is attainable and possible when you have a positive spirit and put your trust in God.
Her core, professional background includes 17 years of operational leadership and management – however opportunities through her church allowed her to engage in her passion through writing plays and spoken word pieces for various events since 2007. These blessings and opportunities – and faith in God, enabled Stephanie to start her own consultation business in 2012 – Unique Communications Concepts. Through her business, Stephanie performs a variety of writing services including; speech and creative writing, editing and proof-reading, grant and proposal writing, advertising copy and non-union, voice-over services.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from North Carolina Central University and holds a Certification in Grant & Proposal Writing. Stephanie loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor. She is a compassionate woman who loves the Lord, with a down-to-earth and peaceful spirit.

Danene Baskins
CBP Editor / Writing Coach


Danene comes from a lineage of educators and writers. At a young age Danene became an avid writer, she wrote many short stories, poems, and letters; all of which she would send to friends and family.

In her teenage years she became the go to person for their editing needs. Danene later tutored and mentored students in a writing program.While attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, she naturally majored in English. There she was able to develop her reading, analyzing, writing, and editing skills in literature. She continued to edit her friends’ and co-workers’ essays and reports.

After graduation she became a licensed teacher of English Language Arts, where she continues to instruct students on the writing process and the mechanics of the English Language.​

Danene is founder and CEO of Saxifrage Freelance Editors and looks forward to helping to bring your book to life at ChosenButterfly Publishing. Areas of expertise include Writing Coach, Technical editing and Proofreading.

Martina Britt-Yelverton
Graphic Designer / Branding Specialist


A divine meeting indeed, is the only description necessary. “Lady Yanni” as I affectionately call her, and I were introduced several years back on multiple inspiring projects that have lead to this union here at ChosenButterfly Publishing. Having a background in graphics, web, branding and social media design, I prayerfully hope to lend my small talents to support this awesome TEAM of spiritedly diverse women.

I identify as a Graphic, Web, Branding & Social Media Design professional and Online Entrepreneur with 10+ years experience specifically in the graphic design industry. I seek to integrate confidence, creativity, and consistency in design, within educational and spiritually diverse entities. My experience in personalized product services, has offered great visibility of creative design, digital and technical skills to greatly successful projects in an array of genres.

My passion in Family First! Designs is that it is a unique Web Design, Small Business & Ministry Branding service providing you with a variety of custom Spirit-led Designs for yourself, your business, ministry or family. As a true professional, my services are provided under a serious work ethic where “You state it, I’ll create it!”. Meeting the latest need, assessing as such, and promptly delivering services to successfully meet the need is the primary goal, and an aspect of Kingdom work!

I excitedly look forward to working with potential authors to display your vision thru web promotions, social media marketing and any graphic elements you may need to birth your manuscript. Your words are greater than even you may know, and its my responsibility to find a way to BEST COMMUNICATE it on the web, so that your message is transformed from your mind to the many who need to receive it.