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Weight of the Wait

Weight of the Wait: A 30-Day Devotional for …
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From a Doubter to a Dreamer

From a Doubter to a Dreamer exalts and edifies …
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Devil Please I am Not Offended

Have you been so hurt by what people have done …
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Dreaming the Dream

DREAMING the DREAM is a high-powered …
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When He Leads I Will Follow

God desires our marriage to be successful. It …
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Are you a woman who at times finds yourself …
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Dear Lord I Think I Married The Wrong Person

Most people who get married believe they will be …
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Bringing Forth the Dreamer

Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You is a …
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When New Life Begins

When New Life Begins: Pushing Past the Old and …
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Truly Yours

Yours Truly,@ I_am_Jnicole is an intimate look …
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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect: A Story of the Process of …
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Can't You See Me Scream?

Can't You See Me Scream?: Discovering the …
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