Dreaming the Dream

DREAMING the DREAM is a high-powered inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to crystallize the very best of the thoughts of eight premium authors. They employ the poignant, soul-stirring, and insightful testimonies of their personal trials and victories in a heroic attempt to activate the God-endowed potential lodged within you. Thereby, they set you gently and firmly on the path to actualizing your call, vision, and dreams. 

DREAMING the DREAM: ** Will enable you to recognize and conquer the limitations that are keeping you from the purpose, you were created for ** Will give you the revelation keys to realizing your own dreams ** Will teach you how to wait for Divine instruction ** Will spark the feeling of destiny and the passion to fuel, propel, and empower the dreamer within you. ** Will teach you how to dare to dream big dreams ** Will give you declarations and principles for activating your vision ** Will teach you about the purpose for your seemingly long wait on Divine promise ** Will teach you how to use the power of unconditional love in order to renew yourself This sublime inspirational excursion will allow you to take immediate control of your destiny, in all areas of life, by helping you to restore your ability to dream big dreams, and prompting you to conduct your life at the highest and most integrated level.

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