Heavenly Heritage on Earth

Heavenly Heritage on Earth: The Power of the Sonship of Christ

Heavenly Heritage on earth, the power of the Sonship of Christ unmask the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God occupying earth and operating in spirit realms of heaven. unfolding our true kingdom heritage as the children of God, this manuscript is packed with fresh revelations and insights about God's original plan and idea about how the children of his heavenly heritage should live and execute his plan for the reconciliation of all his children back to himself and for the renovation of the earth.

The power of Christ Sonship is our heavenly heritage and inheritance, Christ character and humility is the key to unlocking the door to heaven's resources and you are the earthen vessel that this treasure is hidden in.

Heavenly Heritage on earth is the road map back to expressing the heart and vision of God on earth. you are the Sonship of God through Jesus Christ, the kingdom of God is our heritage and Christ is our inheritance, we are the sons and daughters of God. ***CBP did not publish this book but the author is the husband of Ayanna Moore, CEO of ChosenButterfly Publishing***

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