Krystal Tomasso

CBP Editor / Writing Coach

The Lord told Ayanna that He would send the editor and years later He sent Krystal … Krystal met Ayanna through a mutual acquaintance in 2009, and from the first introduction email, knew God called her to work with her.

Krystal was a bookworm from the moment she learned to read. She was obsessed with facts, and despite the fact of already having her own, often bickered with librarians as to why she could not sign out the encyclopedias.

“I knew early on God wanted me to deliver His message, and that my life would only be about spreading His truth. My obsessions with seeking truth and facts should have tipped me off early that my first step on that path would be me becoming a journalist.”Krystal is an editor and Writing Coach, who loves to cultivate writers with the potential to write into writers who have acquired the Art of Writing. Krystal’s professional background experiences are literally on opposite sides of the spectrum.

“I believe God placed me in two extreme places to balance me. In journalism, I was taught to interview so thoroughly that I could extract every drop of information and multiple angles from my sources in 15-minute interviews. Then, at ORU I was placed in an environment with artists of all forms and was taught how to be sensitive to their vision. I worked for them, to recognize and assist in the physical interpretation of their vision. It was there I learned to Serve and Save: Serve by helping the artist articulate and develop their art into a form the audience could easily comprehend and Save by preserving the artist’s voice and vision.”

She believes her path came together for this purpose- ChosenButterfly Publishing. Krystal believes strongly, as an editor, that her job is to prayerfully extract the vision from authors. She also knows the value of integrity, fact-checking, and the art of constructive criticism which is more constructive than criticizing.

During her time at Oral Roberts University, she was required to take a course in theatre. It was through that course that God gave her the most important revelation about art as a whole. “He showed me that when He gives a vision in the form of art it must be extracted. I discovered that God places it in us all, and we must be clean vessels to pour that out. That principle changed my life, writing, editing, and my relationship with Him as a whole. I knew at that point more than ever my gift could only be used to glorify Him through my writing and those authors that I am called to assist.” ChosenButterfly Publishing is grateful to have Krystal as a part of our team.

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